Ticket to Ride

The Ticket Roll

LinkTicket to Ride — Survey

LinkTicket to Ride — Survey Results

FileProblem Package

LinkYou Don’t Have To Be The Answer Key

LinkWCYDWT: Annuli


Great Application Problems — Rubric

Deconstruct the experience. What happened at the beginning, middle, and end of the application problem? What were the teacher moves? How is it different than the same kind of problem in a textbook?

LinkBreakdown — Doha


Algebra Textbook Makeover

Where is the hook in each of these Algebra problems? What kind of image would make a student wonder that hook on her own?

fileInternet Access

fileTree Farm

fileVolleyball Net

fileFire Truck

fileSkid Marks

fileTank Filling

linkDownload Geogebra

fileHalf Shots — Geogebra

Interesting into Challenging

The Price of Ink

How do you turn something interesting into something challenging?

FileThe Price of Ink

FileThe USA As One Big Neighborhood

FileHalf Plus Seven

LinkRelative Prices of Different Liquids

LinkGood Hood

The Slow Runner

The Slow Runner

What about this particular YouTube clip lends itself to mathematical investigation? What are two ways we can create a question here?

LinkRich Eisen’s 40 yard dash. Can he do it in under 6 seconds?

FileProblem Package — The Bone Collector


FileZamzar Screencast Tutorial


FileHandbrake Screencast Tutorial

LinkWeb Video Downloader Plugin

FileWeb Video Downloader Screencast Tutorial

LinkWCYDWT: The Slow Runner

LinkWCYDWT: The Bone Collector


Lab Work

Turn these multimedia problem packages into challenging investigations for your colleagues. Refer back to the rubric we developed for Great Application Problems.


fileBucky the Badger

fileEating Sugar



Please give me some feedback on today’s workshop so I can improve it for our next session. Let me know what you liked, what you disagreed with, and what you’d like to hear more about.



For tomorrow, you may complete any of the following assignments:

  • Identify the hook in an existing math problem.
  • Bring in some mathematically-interesting multimedia.

Don’t spend more than fifteen minutes on the assignment. Do prepare yourself for a brief show-and-tell session at your table tomorrow morning. If it’s possible to submit your homework via e-mail, please send it to dan@mrmeyer.com.